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We build brands from strategy to identity

The goal of branding work is to find and highlight what your company is and what it wants to be. We are not trying to change your company, but to build your company’s image with you and strengthen your position in the competitive field. We help you find, visualize and tell what is essential.

Building a brand is an essential part of a company’s controlled growth and development. A well-built brand…

  • helps the company stand out from the competition
  • deepens customer loyalty
  • supports the desired price perception
  • enhances marketing communication
  • helps with recruitment
  • develops the company’s crisis resilience
  • increases the total value of the company

Let’s work together to make your company an attractive brand.

Our brand building process

About us

We are a Finnish design agency founded in 2016. Our passion is building our clients’ brands so they can thrive.

Janne Puurunen

  • More than 25 years in the advertising industry, of which approx. 20 years as a full-time entrepreneur
  • Served hundreds of companies and participated in thousands of projects
  • Brands, continuous study and following trends as a great interest
  • Senator of the Junior Chamber International (JCI)
  • Appreciates the repetition found in minimalism in music and art

”The best reward for good work is the journey of discovery related to the design work itself and the effects of the end result in the customer’s everyday life.”

Petteri Mero

  • Over fifteen years of experience in graphic design, photography, text design, advertising design, 3D modeling, and various print and digital projects.
  • Appreciates the uniqueness and variety in each job, requiring familiarization, thought, and experimentation.
  • Values working with customers who understand the importance of investing in communication.
  • Studies the teachings from the ancient samurai in the form of kendo

I enjoy design work that always challenges me to invent new things and develop as a designer.”

Petteri Mero

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